iProximity – Connect Q-Tag and Connect QR code devices
Read about how Connect Q-Tag devices on our iPX platform enable brands to engage with customers in a uniquely detailed way and allow consumers to decide how they want to interact with them. ... Read more
Urbanization and demographic changes
In simple terms, urbanization is the development of towns and cities and the increase of the concentration of populations in these areas. It is undeniably a defining trend of our time. This trend has been seen, and continues to be seen, throughout the ... Read more
The Role of IoT in Commercial Refrigeration
In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, our very own David Burden, joins Ryan Chacon to discuss the role of IoT in commercial refrigeration. David and Ryan discuss various topics under technology, including how Wellington builds their solutions, ... Read more
Climate Change
To help its customers meet their need for efficient and climate-friendly cooling, Wellington developed its ECR® 2 refrigeration motor. ... Read more
Wellington in the top brokers picks for 2022
What a great start to 2022! Wellington featured in the New Zealand Herald as one of the top brokers picks for 2022, picked by the CEO of the NZ Shareholders Association. ... Read more
Connected customers with connected coolers
We recently connected our most advanced commercial refrigeration customer directly to our live Connect™ Cloud platform; we believe it’s the first commercial refrigeration ecosystem enabled by application programming interfaces (APIs) to serve ... Read more
Wellington and Gepp, a collaboration that saves 193 million pesos for stores in Mexico
Wellington rewards Gepp for achieving energy savings equivalent to 193 million pesos in annual electricity consumption. Gepp uses Wellington energy-saving motors in their coolers across 126,000 stores in Mexico. ... Read more
IoT insights pay dividends for refrigeration technicians
Wellington Connect™ Field app is purposely designed for commercial refrigeration service technicians. Connect Field downloads the data stored in the Connect™ SCS controller and provides real-time analysis, presenting the technician with data ... Read more
Wellington shortlisted at the IoT Global Awards
Wellington is shortlisted for the IoT Global Awards, which recognizes excellence in IoT innovation. Wellington’s submission is under the Big data, Cloud and Analytics category with our entry specifically around the “Coolest Bluetooth Data ... Read more