What We Do

Purpose Trusted technology for the real world

We are a commercial refrigeration specialist and one of the world’s leading suppliers of, refrigeration control solutions, cloud-based IoT cooler fleet management platforms, energy-efficient electric motors and digital solutions.

Every decision we make is informed by our system of four core values, as outlined below

Our solutions

We help brands solve complex business challenges through customized solutions.

AoFrio IoT ecosystem

A comprehensive ecosystem of hardware, wireless and digital IoT solutions for coolers, freezers, and ambient displays, the AoFrio IoT ecosystem offers equipment control, cloud fleet management, point of sale (POS) and maintenance insights, as well as marketing direct to the consumer’s mobile device.

Wellington ECR motors

Wellington ECR® 2 electronic motor platform is a breakthrough product for EC motors of its power rating—driving efficiency, reliability, and SKU reduction.

Wellington ECF™ 2 Fanpack integrates with the Wellington ECR 2 motor into a purpose-designed fan and housing assembly that produces optimum airflow efficiency.


iProximity combines the latest location-based IoT devices, smartphones, and our powerful iPX™ cloud platform to deliver innovative communications solutions.

Our capabilities

We attribute our long-term success to the strength of our capabilities in customer service, and our relationships with suppliers and partners. Our manufacturing and operations competencies are unparalleled, as is our technical expertise. Read on for more details regarding our specific strengths.

Research and development

Customers are at the core of our research and development efforts. Our multidisciplinary research and development team—based at our global HQ in New Zealand—travel frequently to work with OEMs and end-users. We also have expert applications engineers in all our regional offices, able to solve your problems and anticipate your needs.

Our team includes hardware, software, mechatronics, refrigeration, manufacturing, and quality engineers. Our combination of motor control systems and refrigeration expertise is unmatched in the industry.

What’s more, our research and development facility is equipped with psychrometric and environmental chambers, airflow test chambers, dynamometers, electromagnetic testing facilities, a fully equipped toolroom, and electronics manufacturing facility.


We understand the challenges of building products in a manufacturing environment. That is why all our solutions are designed to be flexible, easily installed, and commissioned.

Our solutions are manufactured by partners in China and Vietnam, and all our factories are ISO9001 certified. We closely supervise process control and quality in these facilities and maintain direct relationships with key component suppliers.

Quality and reliability

We are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions and services in the industry. We know that refrigeration systems must work properly, and continue to do so, often in difficult conditions. We test our products thoroughly, both during development and while in production, and we stand behind them.

All AoFrio solutions are tested at extreme levels of abuse during development and validated using accelerated life testing. We also conduct continuous production sampling and testing, to ensure that products continue to perform the way they are intended to.

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