Oportunidades laborales en AoFrio

Estamos orgullosos de quiénes somos y de lo que hacemos en AoFrio

Nuestro equipo de 95 personas es una fuerza global para ofrecer soluciones IoT y tecnología de vanguardia al mundo real. Ofrecemos salarios competitivos, grandes beneficios y un equilibrio ideal entre la vida laboral y la personal.

Formar parte de AoFrio significa formar parte de una historia única, a la vez que ayudamos a hacer realidad el potencial de la tecnología para nuestros clientes y socios. Ofrecemos puestos de trabajo que construyen carreras y proporcionan a nuestra gente experiencias, conocimientos y conexiones.

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Frases de nustro equipo

Sebastian Jaramillo Estrada
Program Manager Andean Region (COPEC)

“I work as the Program Manager for the Andean region, which includes Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, with residence in Colombia. As a commercial support and implementation leader for the region, my main responsibility is to work side-by-side with our customers. I engage with customers from the first commercial contact and through the development cycle, as we create connectivity and asset management solutions and look to add the greatest value. Working with AoFrio has allowed me to engage with large customer accounts and utilise my experience in refrigeration, asset management and leadership. Strategic teamwork and trust in each of our team members characterize the success of the Company. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family whether that be spending time outdoors or visiting new places together. I’m also a motorcycle enthusiast, I love driving on long roads where I can just disconnect from the world”.

Burt Pintal
Mechanical Draftsman

“AoFrio has a diverse working environment with people from all cultures and backgrounds. The company is very innovative and this is down to having staff who are extremely passionate and dedicated about their roles and how they help the company.”

Deepthi Gaddam
Software Tester

“AoFrio is a great place to work and I think that is down to the flexibility in working patterns and how employee friendly the company is.”

Kylie Neville
Logistics Administrator

“I enjoy working at AoFrio, there is a relaxed feel within the office and we can easily and openly communicate throughout all levels of the business as a team. I like that we are a global company and we have the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues in our offices and factories across the globe. I am enjoying watching the company continue to grow and become more diverse and innovative in the products and services that we are providing.”

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