Consumer Engagement

A recent report showed that 68% of consumers agree that their loyalty is more difficult to earn than ever before. With never experienced before difficulty to earn consumer loyalty, leading brands and retailers are constantly looking for new and disruptive ways to connect, interact, and engage with their consumers at the point of sale.

AoFrio’s consumer engagement technologies enable unique omnichannel shopping experiences unlike anything else. Led by our cloud-based iPX platform, the world’s leading retailers and brands engage their consumers, deliver exciting and personalized content, increase LTV, and receive unprecedented visibility into what works and what doesn’t. Studies show that loyal customers spend 67% more and are the most valuable type of customer to have.

The key to influencing consumers’ purchasing is engaging them at the point of decision in the retail environment. By delivering exciting and personalized content at that moment, you can surprise and delight your customers, influence their behavior, and strengthen their brand loyalty.

With AoFrio consumer engagement IoT technologies, companies bridge consumers’ activity between online and offline channels. This allows them to develop new insights and interact with consumers. The companies send segmented campaigns, special promotions, new product information, just-in-time digital coupon offers, or recommendations based on previous purchases or preferences. This leads to loyal, engaged customers who are true brand ambassadors.

AoFrio’s iPX platform, Smart Solutions, and contactless devices make this all possible. Learn more about iPX below or select the appropriate page to learn about each technology and use case.

About iPX IoT Platform

The iPX platform is a simple, powerful and dynamic marketing platform that enables brands to engage their consumers in uniquely detailed ways and allows consumers to decide how they want to interact with them. iPX receives activity data from campaigns across various channels as well as the locations where campaigns are most successful in real-time. These insights allow you to create customized programs that send just the right content to consumers at the point of sale. Some brands have generated revenue increases of up to 106% with a single campaign!

Campaigns or individual content can be deployed by retail, store type, sales region, location, brand, or virtually any other criteria you define. They can also be assigned specific timeslots and repetition criteria to be sure they have the maximum likelihood of reaching the target audience. It’s as easy to send a campaign to a single screen as it is to 50,000 screens around the world.

iPX also enables you to send relevant B2B messages to your sales team, field operational teams and retailer customers. Popular examples of this include digital planogram updates and distribution, seasonal program information, new product launches, or special sales promotions.

Apart from displaying customized content, iPX is also a complete, enterprise-scale solution that incorporates:

  • Integration with large-format digital media screens and proximity marketing.
  • iBeacon, QR code, Q-Tag, bar code and NFC based proximity solutions.
  • Smart coupon generation, distribution, redemption and validation systems, which include in-store redemption apps and integration with POS systems.
  • Advertising retargeting.
  • Asset tracking and loss prevention.

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