AoFrio™ Network Pro

Leading IoT solution for commercial refrigeration


AoFrio is introducing a new series of communications hubs and gateways specially designed for commercial refrigeration.

Purposely engineered with many advanced features to make managing large fleets of assets seamless with a rapid return on investment. These hubs receive the data from up to 16 AoFrio SCS Controllers, Monitors and Clicks within Bluetooth range and transfer it into the AoFrio Cloud.

Inside our communication devices, you will find features such as eSIM, over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, real-time alarm incident transmission and accurate location technology (designed for indoors).

Not only have we re-invented the Communications Device, AoFrio has changed the business model, by bundling communications and remote management services. Customers need no longer worry about MBs of data or cellular issues; we take care of it, so it just works.

The AoFrio Network Pro is a communications Hub that automatically collects data from up to 16 AoFrio IoT-enabled devices. 

Market-leading connectivity

AoFrio’s first Communications Device to launch is the Network Pro.

The Network Pro delivers an always-on connected solution enabling you to get the most value possible from the AoFrio ecosystem. This represents the biggest enhancement of our market-leading commercial refrigeration IoT offering to date and is a direct response to the challenges that our customers face when it comes to managing widely dispersed cooler fleets.

By acting as a connectivity hub for AoFrio IoT devices (such as SCS, Click and Monitor) the Network Pro enables all the benefits of daily data collection and real-time alerts.

The bundled data option with the Network Pro is also available and ensures that you may not need to absorb any additional costs beyond the initial purchase.

By unlocking the full always-on potential of the AoFrio ecosystem the Network Pro can deliver you the following benefits:

  • Real-time alerts to allow rapid sales, maintenance and cooler recovery insights
  • Ability to collect data from up to 16 AoFrio IoT devices with easy setup
  • Fully managed connectivity options
  • Over-the-air updates and configuration
  • Battery ride though during power outages

AoFrio IoT ecosystem

The Network Pro is the connected device at the heart of AoFrio’s IoT ecosystem.

Enhanced data collection

Network Pro unlocks the power of the AoFrio device ecosystem by enabling live data collection from linked AoFrio IoT devices. This ensures that daily information on asset performance, temperature range, door openings and asset location allow you to drive better business outcomes.

Alarms generated by AoFrio’s SCS Controllers or Monitors are transmitted in real-time by Network Pro, allowing you to quickly fix problems.

The Network Pro is enabled by cellular, Wi-Fi (for location only) and Bluetooth and is compatible with all current and future hardware, including SCS, Click and Monitor. It is the connected hub that ties together the AoFrio IoT ecosystem.

Easy Setup

Each Network Pro can collect data from up to 16 AoFrio enabled IoT devices. This enables you to capture rich data for multiple coolers at single locations. Set-up is easy with automatic detection and connection of AoFrio SCS and Monitor devices to the AoFrio Cloud Platform. Also, the AoFrio Field App provides installers with the real-time status of cellular and device connections so they know it’s working before leaving.

Managed cellular connection

A cellular plan is included with every Network Pro and is fully managed by AoFrio. This gives you the confidence that connectivity will be effortless and data costs will be contained within the original purchase price. The data retrieval is delivered across reliable 2G and LTE Cat M1 cellular networks.

Seamless operation

Over-the-air updates for the Network Pro firmware and settings will ensure continuous peak performance. If power becomes unavailable the Network Pro can continue operating off it’s battery backup.


No, once the Network Pro is installed then all data will be collected and automatically uploaded to the AoFrio Cloud, and available across the AoFrio ecosystem.

Network Pro connects to the AoFrio Cloud using LTE Cat M1 cellular communications. This technology is focused on machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT, instead of the usual consumer cellular. As such, Network Pro offers lower data costs, lower power usage (longer battery life) and lower bandwidth for less data usage. A fallback option is provided by using 2G in locations where LTE Cat M1 is not available.

AoFrio will manage the cellular connection plan between the Network Pro and the AoFrio Cloud, eliminating the burden of managing telcos, data plans and SIM cards. Once the Network Pro has been installed the data from assets are delivered to the AoFrio Cloud and there is no need to spend any time managing any backend connectivity.

Network Pro can be powered from a standard USB wall plug, just like most phone charger outlets. Alternatively, it can be powered from a cooler if the correct installation and connection method is used.

The install location needs to consider how many coolers the Network Pro needs to gather data from. Ideally, the Network Pro will be within 5m of all coolers with no obstructions in between, so a high mounting point central to all of the coolers would provide the best performance.