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Connect™ Network Pro is the latest enhancement to the Connect™ IoT ecosystem, enabling always-on data collection and real-time alerts for the equipment fleet. 

Connect Network Pro is a connectivity hub for all Wellington Connect IoT devices, enabled by cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is compatible with all current and future hardware, including Connect™ SCS, Connect™ Click and Connect™ Monitor, and seamlessly integrates in the Connect IoT ecosystem. 

Connect Network Pro expands Wellington’s existing suite of field-capable data acquisition tools that includes several native apps and software kits for integration into customer apps. As a result, customers can balance data costs and priority by utilizing a mix of field-collected and always-on data acquisition solutions. 

Connect Network Pro offers several key advantages: 

  • real-time asset tracking and data acquisition and transmission to the Connect™ Cloud; 
  • data upload from all Connect IoT devices in Bluetooth range; 
  • flexible installation, either within equipment, or as a hub for the whole store; 
  • flexible power options, either by the Connect SCS or an external supply for convenient placement; 
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE cellular connectivity; 
  • battery backup for ride-through during power loss; 
  • over-the-air updates for Connect Network Pro firmware and settings. 


Multiple connectivity options 

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity for always-on transmission of IoT device data to the Connect Cloud. 
  • Over-the-air updates for parameter, firmware and configurations​. 
  • Local connectivity to Connect IoT devices, mobile apps and proximity marketing​ via Bluetooth.

Flexible configuration​ 

  • Use one Connect Network Pro per asset or as a hub for all equipment in the point-of- sale. 
  • Connect to Connect IoT devices (SCS, Monitor, Click), or act as a stand-alone logger using two auxiliary sensing ports. 

Asset and operation management​ 

  • Track location via cellular, Wi-Fi and BLE (via Track app/SDK) or use optional add-on GPS module​. 
  • Flexible and configurable real-time alerts for movement and location, loss of power, product temperature and more.

Over-the-air updates 

  • Remotely manage the connected equipment fleet. 
  • Update firmware and parameters for Connect Network Pro and IoT devices. 

How it works



  What it does at launch  
Connectivity options
  Cellular connectivity via LTE Cat M1 and NB2 with 2G fallback and future Wi-Fi  
Power options
  5vdc power supply, from Connect SCS or external PSU  
Over-the-air updates
  Firmware updates to Connect Network and Connect IoT devices  
Location tracking
  Cellular triangulation, Wi-Fi based location sniffing, Bluetooth beacon via Track app and (optional) GPS module  
Battery powered behavior
  Location pinging for up to 30 days  
Additional sensor inputs
  Two external sensors support, unpowered  
Data associations
  Gateway can support only one customer (database) per Connect Network Pro with multiple equipment units  

Advanced features 

Battery backup 

  • Flexible and configurable alerts for loss of power, location and more. 
  • When unplugged, equipment will broadcast its location for 30 days. Location only, no logging of asset information. 
  • Battery recharges every time the unit is plugged in. 

External sensors 

  • Add up to two external sensors to Connect Network Pro for monitoring of additional variables. 
  • Can be used as a standalone logger limited to two sensors. 

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Connect Network Pro primarily uses LTE-M and NB-IoT mobile communications. These are protocols focused on machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT, instead of usual consumer cellular. As such, they offer lower data costs, longer battery life when unplugged and lower bandwidth for less data usage. 

Availability is dependent on location and provider. 

These protocols are compatible with the existing LTE mesh and future 5G. A fallback option is provided by using 2G in locations where these are unavailable. 

Not all places have vast LPWA network coverage. When looking for local provider coverage, start with the tracker of IoT network deployment which you can find here, by searching the country and browsing the available providers. 

Note, that the list is by no means exhaustive, but it is regularly updated by 3GPP (a mobile operators industry consortium). 

Wellington focuses on making your devices as future-proof as possible. Various geographies have already shutdown 3G and many more are considering disabling it in the next two to three years. Refer to article here 

3G modules are always more expensive than LTE modules, and have higher power requirements, increasing the cost of the total electronic circuit.  

Wellington may supply an LTE/3G/2G alternative for specific geographies that do not have widespread LTE networks, by customer request. 

A SIM card is required for cellular connectivity and Wellington can provide data services in partnership with a global cellular provider. 

High volume customers can request a local telco provider; however, this must be defined at the time of ordering in addition to SIM card logistics.  

Note that Connect Network Pro uses a standard Nano (4FF) SIM card which must be installed at a Wellington manufacturing facility or authorized service center. The device cannot be opened for SIM installation by unauthorized agents, as this will void the warranty. 

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