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Consumer engagement via contactless devices

When deciding how to interact with shoppers and field teams, safety and simplicity are key. AoFrio’s iPX platform interacts with consumers via contactless devices and: the most valuable gadget today: “smartphones.” 

AoFrio Connect™ devices create a safe environment for customers, shoppers, and staff while still allowing engagement, loyalty-building, and data collection from markets and shoppers.  Beyond this, AoFrio’s contactless devices allow the digital distribution of materials for sales teams, field teams, partners and more.

ScreenSmarts: Empower your consumers

Today’s consumers want to be empowered to engage and interact with you in a way of their choice. ​

AoFrio’s ScreenSmarts enables you to create memorable, customized experiences that shopper’s control from their smartphone with no app download required. However, unlike other engagement platforms, the user determines which content the screen shows in real-time.​

​ScreenSmarts connects almost any internet-enabled screen and a smartphone to silently detect the presence of your consumers and display personalized contextual offers or information. It effectively turns any phone into a real-time remote control that consumers use to create their customized experience with your content. The consumer will have a unique promotional experience through videos, digital signs or any other digital messaging format.

​​Designed to be a highly scalable, cloud based, enterprise solution, it’s just as easy to setup campaigns, content, and messaging for one screen or thousands around the world. ​

Connect Q-Tag and Connect QR code devices

How can you interact with your consumers using the latest technology while still protecting yourself against future obsolescence? ​

The Connect™ Q-Tag is a revolutionary device that simply enables contactless shopper engagement. The Q-Tag is a powerful way to contextually engage with your audience and track the location of their assets.  It’s easy to deploy and is highly customizable, allowing it to fit perfectly in any campaign or consumer engagement initiative. ​

Connect Q-Tag can be added to virtually anything, including coolers, freezers, display racks, point-of-sale material, cardboard displays, countertops, beer taps, soda fountains, or directly onto assets to be tracked. As it is not battery run, the Connect Q-Tag can last for years. It is specifically designed to be deployed once and then completely managed and updated from the cloud. ​

Each Connect Q-Tag includes a unique QR code and NFC chip, which can be scanned or tapped by any customer with a capable smartphone for instant point-of-sale consumer engagement without downloading any app. ​

The combination of the NFC chip and QR code within one Connect Q-Tag means it will have technology relevance for many years to come, making it perfect for a long-term deployment. For shorter-term deployments, or when directly printing onto packaging or point-of-sale material, a Connect QR code may be a better choice.

When to use Connect Q-Tag: ​

    • Long-term deployments ​
    • Brand assets that you want to track location or serve proximity-based content

When to use Connect QR Codes:​

  • Short-term deployments where reuse isn’t as much of a concern​
  • Applications where printing directly onto the product, packaging, or material is desirable​
  • Areas where consumers do not have NFC technology yet

Beacons: ScreenSmarts - Empower your consumers

Engaging consumers when they are near your product or display and at the point of decision is a great way to earn additional business, loyalty, and increase consumer LTV. AoFrio’s IoT consumer engagement technologies use Connect™ Beacons and the consumer’s smartphone to deliver contextual marketing or information services based precisely on that consumer’s current activity and location.​

​When the shopper has the brand or retailer’s app on their smartphone, Connect Beacons will send notification to your and allow location-based messages to be sent to consumers. This increases brand awareness, drives sales, improves promotion redemption, enhances the shopper’s in-store experience, and increases a consumer’s LTV.  The Beacon also collects information about who interacts with your products, when, where, and how often. ​

AoFrio’s iPX platform is the key that enables our customers to deeply engage consumers based on their proximity within a location. It gives them unique insights into which messaging, and programs are successful across various channels and devices.

Use Connect Beacons when you have a consumer app developed and want to:​​

  • Connect the physical point of sale to the digital world​​
  • Monitor and sense people movements​​
  • Improve consumer engagement and shopper experience​​
  • Collect shopper data and get point of sales insights​​
  • Build a SmartPlace or SmartBrand

Find out more about how our Connect SCS controller can bring value to your organization.