ConnectTM Monitor is a battery-operated monitoring device, with a suite of built-in sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and beacon advertising. It is compatible with all AoFrio ConnectTM apps and physical products and can be paired with ConnectTM Network for always-on connectivity and live data transfer. Use Connect Monitor to connect your existing fleet in the field, or add to new equipment to track product temperature, perform technical diagnostics, and manage field assets. All with Bluetooth data transfer and beacon advertising.

Door sensing without a switch

Connect Monitor uses a patented door sensing technology that eliminates the need to add door switches or external sensors. All that you need is already provided inside the housing. Connect Monitor can be mounted on the cooler (appliance) cabinet using the adhesive backing, or the self-tapping screws (both provided). There is no glass obstruction and no risk of falling off.

Five years of battery life

Connect Monitor can sense when the compressor is running, and measure refrigeration duty-cycles. Along with the Connect IoT platform, this means advanced technical diagnostics and cooler performance tracking. The device has built-in intelligence to reduce battery usage when the store is closed, or the equipment has been removed from service.

Technical diagnostics

Connect Monitor can sense when the compressor is running, and measure refrigeration duty-cycles. Along with the Connect IoT platform, this means advanced technical diagnostics and cooler performance tracking.

Two months of data storage

With several variables being tracked, Connect Monitor has an inbuilt datalogger that stores up to two months of information, so all your data is kept, even if the cooler is not visited. Connect Monitor can be paired with Connect Network for live alerts and always-on data transfer.

Connect Monitor has integrated sensing technology

Monitor triggers location tracking using the phone GPS in the same way as the Connect™ SCS controller.


  • cooler internal temperature
  • door opening count
  • light level
  • compressor run state
  • assets movement, tilt & location
  • device battery status


  • product quality and safety
  • tract commercial activity
  • identify store hours and cooler status
  • technical diagnostic and maintenance
  • asset location and in-store movements
  • remaining power and time replace

Log temporary cold storage devices at events.

Monitor refrigeration equipment with mechanical thermostats.

Automate your HACCP monitoring and reporting.

Fit to portable refrigeration units.

Fit to foodservice display cabinets.

Retrofit your non-connected equipment fleet.

Monitor cold rooms, walk-in coolers and freezers.

Track unpowered assets, such as merchandising racks and shelves.

Monitor and track cold or frozen goods during transport.


No. There are no serviceable parts inside Connect Monitor. All the sensors and battery are housed inside the casing, and the device is fully sealed to protect against the environment..

It works a lot like the Connect SCS. The device collects data, coming from the sensors inside the housing, then processes and stores everything until an authorized mobile phone comes nearby. The data is transferred to the cloud via the Track App, and it can be reported and visualized by the Report App and the Field App.

Beacons are wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. In all AoFrio Connect IoT devices, Bluetooth connectivity is used both for proximity marketing (via Apple iBeacon and Android Eddystone), as well as to securely transfer data to authorized phones.

No. The battery is not replaceable, nor rechargeable. If you attempt to open the housing or otherwise charge the battery, you will damage the device. It has been designed with a 5-year life with a single use battery, that should be disposed of responsibly.

Connect Monitor will last 5 years in normal operation. Here are some factors that may impact the battery life: 1 – Temperature: battery life is reduced when exposed to low temperatures. Even though Connect Monitor was designed to operate for 5 years inside a cooler, a lower life should be expected for freezer applications. In ambient conditions, battery life is expected to increase. 2 – Broadcasting rate: battery consumption is dominated by Bluetooth advertising. So if you are looking to extend the device’s usable life, reducing the broadcasting frequency can be very effective.

Since the device is battery powered and has everything it needs to function contained inside its housing, Connect Monitor ships deactivated, which means it is in its lowest power mode to preserve battery, and Bluetooth transmission is turned off. In order to read, record, and transmit data, Connect Monitor needs to undergo NFC activation. You can find instructions here.

Yes. Connect Monitor was designed to integrate seamlessly to vertical freezers. There may be a slight impact to the 5-year battery life, but all other sensing and measurements will work accordingly.

AoFrio will develop a version without sensing and data logging. This version can be used when only proximity marketing and/or asset tracking are necessary, in applications such as ambient racks. Please contact your AoFrio representative for further inquiries.

AoFrio will provide a version of Connect Monitor that operates without a battery, and alternatively is powered from an external charger or power supply. Please contact your AoFrio representative for further inquiries

No. All Connect Monitor sensors are all housed inside the device case, so nothing else is necessary. Remember you should not try to open the Connect Monitor housing, as that will damage the device.

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