SCS refrigeration controller


The leading force in IoT refrigeration

Since AoFrio invented the connected electronic programmable motor controller in 2016, over one million commercial refrigerators, coolers, and freezers are now reporting their data for some of the world’s biggest brands.

The AoFrio™ SCS is an IoT refrigeration temperature controller designed to be the brains of any new or retrofitted connected cooler or freezer. SCS forms part of the AoFrio ecosystem, our suite of hardware, desktop and mobile cooler fleet management software. Customers use the insights from their connected coolers to manage the efficiency and profitability of their cooler fleets, with outcomes including:

  • precise location asset tracking;
  • predictive and preventative service and maintenance;
  • sales insights, including cooler sizing for the location, product temperature and restocking frequency;
  • HACCP (food safety) data logging;
  • customer engagement marketing for in-store consumer marketing and interaction at the point of decision, through Beacons and Q-Tags.

A truly smart controller

The SCS smart controller is available in different formats to suit your precise application. It can also be used as an unconnected electronic controller for the replacement of mechanical thermostats. Many OEMs fit the SCS on their production lines using our range of specialized programming cradles and software.

Precise asset tracking system

AoFrio SCS helps you understand where your equipment is and what it’s doing, so you can focus on generating more sales and reducing operating costs. You can use it to visualize your geographic footprint and identify gaps in your coverage, reduce your audit costs by having an accurate, up to date, geographic asset registry, reduce your equipment losses by receiving alerts when coolers drop out of sight, and even reduce your fleet size through better deployment.

Service and maintenance

Minimize unhappy consumers by quickly identifying and fixing cooler temperature issues and faults in real time. AoFrio SCS also keeps HACCP log data to reduce food safety liability and compliance issues. AoFrio SCS can optimize your fleet replacement and refurbishment schedule, and reduce your maintenance costs through preventive maintenance, better planning, reduced training and faster, and more effective callouts.

Sales insights

Gaining good information is the first step to building your sales strategy. With AoFrio SCS, you can:

  • identify your star locations and those needing work;
  • deploy the right size cooler for your demand at the right location;
  • understand the best sales periods and restocking times;
  • monitor product temperature to ensure your product is always sold at the correct temperature.

Proximity marketing

Launch location-based marketing campaigns using the iBeacon capability of AoFrio SCS controllers to influence consumers at the point of decision, and interact with store owners and field staff, by sending them precise messages based on their location.

IoT refrigeration temperature controller

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