As we develop into a hardware-enabled SaaS company, we’re rebranding to showcase what we’ve evolved into. In the final quarter of 2022, we will become AoFrio.

We see a future where tens of millions of AoFrio connections drive powerful, purposeful outcomes for customers. We will make this happen by scaling new heights for commercial refrigeration through sustainable transformative technologies. We are driven by an immense hunger to unearth powerful customer outcomes and insights through constant technology innovation.

Our future is now firmly focused on meeting the needs of our global customers, shareholders and team to deliver sustainable transformative technologies and a connected advantage.

Our world of cold


Hundreds of Millions of AoFrio connections driving powerful, purposeful outcomes for our customers


To unleash peak customer performance


Explore Together, Thrive Together, A better world together

Message from CEO

To scale new heights for our business, we know that our offer to the marketplace must evolve. As an organization, we’re making an important, strategic and exciting shift to how we present ourselves. We’re becoming a hardware-enabled SaaS company. So at this nexus of our company, it’s only right to create a new brand that showcases what we’ve evolved into.

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